AVG Building Materials

Visitors' address

Hoogveld 20

6598 BL Heijen

Postal address

Postbus 160

6590 AD Gennep

Tel: +31 (0)485-551260

Fax: +31 (0)485-551289


Our Team

  • null

    T.J. Koppelman (Tijn)


  • null

    F. Hoegen (Femke)

    Sales Building Materials

  • null

    C.J. Hendriks (Kees)

    Concrete technologist

  • null

    J.T.W.S. Smits (Ron)

    Mill supervisor

  • null

    P.G.A.P. Beelen (Paul)

    Concrete laboratory worker

  • null

    T.J.W. Berns (Theo)

    Recycling Sales internal services / back office

  • null

    E.M. van den Bosch (Eva)

    Heijmix Sales internal services / back office

By using the above-mentioned telephone numbers and/or email addresses, you can contact the right person. Should you be unsure which person to contact for your issue or service request, you can always use the general telephone number or email address.