Building Materials


AVG has built up many years of experience related to recycling and waste disposal. Our clients can be sure that their waste flows are processed in the most cost-effective and environmentally-responsible manner.

Construction and demolition debris

The construction and demolition debris is sorted and separated according to substrate: wood and plastic, for example. These are then removed from the debris and subsequently processed into new products. We do not accept white goods such as large household appliances.

Rubble recycling

Our mobile crushers breaks down the rubble that we do accept at our locations into granulate to be reused for subsurface reinforcement of roads and footpath reinforcement.

Also, we can break down the rubble at (your) location with our mobile crushers. Don’t hesitate to ask us for the opportunities!

Wood recycling

Wood debris is mostly the result of construction and demolition work. Waste and demolition wood is supplied in the A, B and C wood quality classes. Upon acceptance, wood is sorted according to quality. The various wood sorts are then reduced to biofuel by the wood recycling installation to generate sustainable energy in biofuel plants at home and abroad.


Land bank

We accept all kinds of earth and dirt and process this according to the BRL9335 directive. This earth is initially bulked up to 1,000 tons, after which a sample is extracted for inspection. The inspection findings determine the class of earth. We then bulk up the various classes to 2,000 tonnes. A second inspection is then undertaken that determines the destination of the earth removed.

Shipping consignments

The AVG recycling plant is located alongside – and directly connected to – the River Meuse. We can load and unload consignments up to 3,000 tonnes along the 110-metre quay. We can also fully handle the logistics for both the inflow and outflow of the product to be shipped.

Other services

AVG Recycling Heijen BV also offers the following services.

Services for both companies and individuals.

  • Placing / renting out containers
  • Delivery and collection of sand and gravel.
  • Delivery and collection of granulates.

Feel free to ask for the possibilities.

Kleine container te huur bij AVG. AVG verhuurt allerlei afvalcontainers, zoals bouwbakkie, puincontainer, afval container, bouwafval container, container voor grond afvoeren, vuilcontainer, grofvuil container, bouwcontainer, containerbak, afzetcontainer, grond container, container voor puin afvoeren en andere open en gesloten containers met verschillende kuub inhoud.

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