Construction of commercial premises

Do you want to (re)design a commercial site? Select the experience, quality, commitment and enthusiasm of AVG Infra. Regionally renowned.

A complete, customised solution

AVG can handle the installation and furnishing of a commercial site from A to Z. We offer you a comprehensive solution, in which you can choose one or more of the following customised options: consultancy and design, demolition work, soil sanitation, installation of sewage systems, the preparations for connecting to a sewage system, roadway construction, paving and the layout of the commercial site.

We stand out in the crowd thanks to:

Bau Distributionszentrum Nabuurs Haps durch AVG Tiefbau, Infra. Tiefbau, Strassenbau, AVG Bau Infra bei Nabuurs Haps Distributionszentrum, Industriehalle mit Erdbewegung, Regenwasser-Infiltration, Wasserbau, Kanalisation, Pflasterung

Large-scale and smaller projects

Whether or not the project is small-scale or comprehensive, the (re)development of an industrial site requires readily-available know-how and solid preparation. AVG carries out the assignment independently and with the help of a large arsenal of its own equipment operated by its own professionals.


One central point of contact

Although we work together with renowned project partners for specific activities, AVG remains the central point of contact for all parties involved for the duration of the project.

Quality and reliability

We are regionally renowned for our quality and for delivering on our promise. We remain within both planning and budget thanks to our unique approach. AVG already has 100 years of experience in the (re)design of commercial premises and is totally familiar with the key players, guidelines and directives.

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