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Is the area suspect? Should a project-specific risk analysis be formulated? Is the pragmatic detection advice sufficient?

Should a detection operation be conducted? Should all suspect objects be approached? Is clearance granted after the removal of the detected explosives?

Your partner in explosives investigation

Before you enter an explosives investigation process, we understand that you want to be informed about everything that it contains. With a long-standing experience in detection operations we have the expertise to manage projects on both small and large scale and provide targeted advice on how to handle potentially present conventional explosives.

Our advice consists of:


Our consultants inform you about the necessity of an explosives investigation. If the situation so requires, we set forth an advice with an instruction on how to implement the procedure. This can be a preliminary investigation, a risk analysis and/or detection operations.


We make time for you and are genuinely committed to the client’s explosives issues. We ensure complete transparency in our operations, and provide support and solutions that are technically and financially feasible. We give pragmatic advice for projects on both large and small scale with respect to detecting and approaching conventional (undetonated) explosives.

Offering peace of mind

By providing advice, we aim to offer the client peace of mind and assure a controlled result for the tasks at hand. Suchlike examples: Assistance in requesting subsidy by writing a council proposal (for municipalities), management, creating a project specification and communication with clients, government and the governmental Explosives Detection Service (EODD).

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