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Risk analysis

Does the potential presence of explosives pose a risk to future activities? Have post-war circumstances changed such that an area can no longer be considered a suspect location? Can my project operations be adjusted to the degree that an explosives investigation is not necessary? Clarification on these question can be given in an in-depth report after the preliminary investigation.

Drawing up a project-specific risk analysis

In a project-specific risk analysis we analyse the future way of working combined with the risk of potentially present explosives. In a Pragmatic Detection Advice the focal point is the future way of working, without the fuss of a project-specific risk analysis. More efficient, cheaper and straight-to-the-point.

By comparing the future project operations with the conventional explosives ground-impact map extracted from the preliminary investigation, the detection operations can be aligned with the activities of civil engineering. If not, we can explore the possibility of adjusting civil engineering operations so they can still be conducted around the suspect area.

Our activities

Targeted advice regarding the detection of (undetonated) conventional explosives for projects on both small and large scale.

Advice in the form of a notification

Using the information from the preliminary investigation and blueprint of the future project operations, we can quickly determine if a project-specific risk analysis is necessary for your prolonged enquiry. Often a risk assessment can be made promptly to determine if your project operations are required to be conducted under WSCS-OCE regulations. If this is not the case, we recommend a pragmatic detection advice.

Pragmatic Detection Advice

In a pragmatic detection advice the focal points are changes in post-war circumstances within your project area, the suspect areas and potentially expected explosives identified in the preliminary investigation and the future operations. These 3 “layers” will be taken into consideration in determining in which areas further explosives investigation is necessary. In a pragmatic detection advice the risks and effects of explosives will not be discussed, because in most cases the result would be detonation and fatal injury.

Project-specific Risk Analysis

Much like the procedure of a pragmatic detection advice, a project-specific risk analysis is an investigation in which both the future way of working and the suspect areas are combined, and linked to the potentially anticipated explosives identified in the preliminary investigation. Additionally, a project-specific risk analysis does include a formulation of the risks and impact of potentially present explosives.

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