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AVG Mineralische Baustoffe GmbH

This company is a joint venture that was founded in 2005 together with Mr. Drettas. He was a former operational manager in the concrete business, and is since based in Duisburg-Rheinhausen. We trade in various concrete products as well as lime, hydraulic binding agents, fly ash and more. We work together with a number of suppliers, and provide a wide range of products for our clients nationally and internationally.

Our clients are active in the concrete mortal industry and concrete products market. Also large infrastructural construction (road / tunnel / airports) are custom delivered. In addition to the product delivery, the logistical process is also taken care of by AVG Mineralische Baustoffe GmbH.


MPG is a youthful company with experienced parents. Created in 2013 out of an alliance between AVG’s Ramon Janssen and Mobicem’s Gerrit Drenth. Where Mobicem specialises in cement, ship transport and mixing plants for infrastructural operations, AVG focuses on the transport and building materials industry, infra and the removal of explosives. Two versatile companies that in 2013 had a mutual need for a mixing plant for dry powders and mortars. MPG was the product of this mutual need, and it quickly became a serious competitor in the field of special binding agents and mortars.